Our mission is to inspire people to maximise their performance in life.

We create and deliver bespoke programs to enhance the physical and mental performance of our clients. We use leading experts in nutrition and physical activity, and professionals skilled in understanding and coaching how to use our minds optimally.

At HPL we define High Performance as having the ability to operate at, or close to, our maximum potential in every situation.

Making tweaks to 5 lifestyle areas can significantly improve our performance:

Much of ‘common knowledge’ about nutrition and its impact on our body and mind is false. Waking up to a ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal and a glass of fresh orange juice? Snacking on fruit all day? Sticking to lettuce and celery in a bid to keep the calories down? These are all sub-optimal choices.

Our professional nutritionists (all of our nutritionists have a 3-year nutrition degree as a minimum) design bespoke nutrition plans based on our clients’ individual physiological needs. They’ll find out what foods, combinations of foods, and supplements will help them enhance our clients’ health, reduce the probability of illness, and improve their performance.

Our clients won’t be hungry. They will not eat boring, tasteless food. They will not be limited to an overly restrictive diet plan. They will simply become more aware of how to eat in order to drive a sustainable level of high performance.

Being active is key to good health and high performance. Activity helps strengthen and stimulate our functional systems, increasing energy levels, strength, cognitive performance and immunity.

We help our clients determine how fit they are, and work with them to set goals to improve their activity levels. We work with our clients to devise bespoke activity programs and enable them to track their progress against their objectives.

It doesn’t matter how fit and active our clients are to begin with, and they don’t need to set heady goals. Some clients might target walking a certain number of steps every day, while others might run a double marathon!

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients understand the importance of regular activity, and get into the habit of being active.

Most of us know we’re not getting enough rest. Some of us don’t know how much real rest we’re getting. Many of us don’t know how to optimise our rest.

We’d all like to get more rest and experience how much more productive, healthy and happy we could be as a result.

The Balance element of our programs helps our clients measure how much rest they are getting and improve its quality.

Successful sports people have been using techniques to use their minds optimally for decades. It’s not uncommon to hear top golfers talk about believing that they will win the next tournament despite the fact that there might be 50 other golfers in the field with the ability to win.

We introduce our clients to some key high performance mind techniques, from deconstructing limiting beliefs, to the performance enhancing effects of mindfulness and presence.

The first four elements on the High Performance model can only positively impact performance in a sustainable way if our clients have the right motivations in place.

For example, we introduce our clients to the concepts of developing a personal mission (e.g. to run Europe’s top sales team) and creating a strategy which incorporates the other elements of high performance to realise it.


"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." —Nelson Mandela


How We Do It

We use world leading experts to deliver our programs on site, and remotely. We work with experts who have three key attributes: deep knowledge of their subject; an ability to impart knowledge on our clients; and fantastic interpersonal skills.

Our programs are entirely bespoke, and are designed to suit our clients’ needs and budgets. HPL programs are modular in that our clients can determine which modules to include, the length of any aspect of the program, and the intensiveness with which their team members work with us.

We can run a very personalised and bespoke program for a group of executives or team – our Personalised High Performance Programs, or programs aimed at larger groups and organisations - Organisational High Performance Programs.

A typical Personalised High Performance Program usually consists of 4 steps:


Meet with overall client to determine needs and preferences. Conduct online survey of the program participants. Design bespoke program.


Gather information about participants’ current level of performance based on a questionnaire and simple tests. Create bespoke Nutrition plans for participants.


Interactive workshops with clients, either at one of our partner facilities off-site, or in client’s offices. Activities and discussions with participants to turbo-charge their performance at work and in life.


Regular 1-on-1s for duration of program between clients and High Performance Life professionals. Review and measure progress by repeating questionnaires and tests at end of program.

The impact of taking control of our lifestyle decisions can be huge. We help our clients see improvements in a number of areas:









Recovery Speed



Long-term Health


"It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." —Marcus Aurelius


Our philosophy has three elements:

Our Programs

Here are just a few examples of some of the modules we offer:


"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." —Napoleon Hill



Our team consists of professional nutritionists; exercise professionals; athletes; performance coaches; meditation practitioners; Special Forces operatives.

Our Founders


Our Values

When we established High Performance Life we decided that we would only work with very high quality professionals; professionals who strive to deliver excellence in everything they do and who are leaders in their fields. We give every interaction our all – it’s quite simply in our DNA to maximise our impact in every situation and deliver the best possible performance enhancement experience.

We’ve got a pretty straightforward mission: to inspire people to maximise their performance in life. We inspire our clients by sharing Strategies, Tactics and Knowledge which will lead them to higher performance.

We know from our experience of running companies and advising CEOs that people follow leaders who are not only competent but also entirely trustworthy. We build trust by being open and honest with not only our clients, but also ourselves. In this way, we can maximise the probability that we are able to lead and inspire our clients to higher performance.

It’s our view that the best performance mentors, teachers, coaches, or individuals in any client-facing profession, are those who consistently demonstrate not only excellence, but also humility. We choose our high performance professionals because they are both leaders in their fields, and assertive but humble communicators.

We recognise that we’re guests in our clients’ businesses, and that we’re not perfect ourselves! Our professionals have great listening skills, empathy for other people and an ability to deliver complex messages and without a trace of arrogance. High Performance Life’s professionals have excellent people skills and this makes them impactful with clients and in life in general.

We value each team member’s and each client’s life immensely. We get one shot at life and therefore believe it makes logical sense to be the best we can be every day and to enjoy life to the maximum. Knowing how to achieve and sustain great health, consistently high energy and a super effective mind are absolutely key to living a high performance life.

We will always try and apply solutions for which there is strong scientific evidence. Our nutrition professionals are trained in Functional Medicine and a science-based approach to nutritional intervention.

We appreciate that all humans are genetically and biochemically unique and that our bodies and minds are comprised of a complicated network of relationships. Understanding this helps us to tailor science-based solutions to improve the performance of each individual.


The ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs is impressive, sometimes as high as six to one (Harvard Business Review). Read this and other articles below...